Yerevan, 30.05.2023



by the  Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia on  Labour Day  MAY 1


 The current situation in the Republic of Armenia, as well as all around the world, caused by the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19, has caused enormous damage to the country's economy and labour market.

 The Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia is convinced that by strengthening solidarity and cooperation, applying an effective social dialogue, it is possible to overcome all emerging problems and ensure the effectiveness of measures to protect the health of workers.

 We must move forward with decisive steps, apply joint efforts in the fight against the insidious virus, while preparing for possible new risks of the pandemic.

 At the height of the crisis, when life in many areas was suspended, some workers lost their jobs, some lost their incomes, low-paid workers, workers working for a daily wage, and the most vulnerable sections of the population were especially affected.

The Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia welcomes those employers who managed to save jobs and salaries of workers during this difficult time.

 The paramount task today is the application of numerous measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic, and each employee must work in a safe environment, be provided with all personal protective equipment and hygiene.

 We consider it necessary to ensure the right to collective bargaining for all employees, implement the principles of decent work and prevent discrimination between women and men in the workplace.

 We believe in the unshakable will and hard work of our people, in their optimism.

 The Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia congratulate all workers on the occasion of Labour Day, especially those at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic.




Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia                                Eduard Tumasyan