Yerevan, 30.05.2023




 Due to the rapid and wide spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19)  the whole world, and the Republic of Armenia  among others, are forced to take the necessary and urgent measures to protect the health of workers, prevent the spread of infection at the workplace and to avoid the consequences of a possible economic crisis .

 Today it is difficult to predict how the new coronavirus will turn out, what economic damage it will cause to the state and employers, which can directly affect the standard of living of workers and their families.

 In the current situation  the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia continues to fulfill its mission of representing and protecting  workers’ labour interests and rights, as well as provides  online consultations.

 We propose during this difficult time, by joint efforts, to preserve jobs, wages, consider a forced absence from work respectful, create a flexible work schedule for workers with young children, and also offer workers infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) and for those at risk of infection, find the possibility of providing them with paid leave or providing them with temporary disability benefits.

 We hope that representatives of workers and employers will demonstrate high social responsibility in the current situation, make mutual concessions and in this case, by joint efforts we can overcome the challenges of today.



Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia                            Eduard Tumasyan