Yerevan, 30.05.2023


The Meeting of the Republican Tripartite Commission

The Meeting of the Republican Tripartite Commission

Կայացել է Հանրապետական եռակողմ հանձնաժողովի հերթական նիստը 

 On 24 May  a regular meeting of the Republican tripartite commission was held   chaired by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia A. Asatryan. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia, members  of the Republican tripartite commission.

 The agenda included three issues:

1. Presentation of the work done in 2015 by the   State Health  Inspectorate  affiliated to the  Ministry of Healthcare.   The need  for cooperation of the social partners in  improving of  inspection activities    with technical and expert support of the ILO.

2. Using the results and recommendations of the Conference on "The favorable business environment for the sustainable development of enterprises", held by the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia jointly with the International Labour Organization (ILO),  in the implementation of further reforms.

3. Presentation and discussion of the draft law "On Amendments and Additions to the  Labor Code of the  Republic of Armenia”.

  The head of the occupational safety supervision department of the    State  Health Inspectorate    A. Mkrtchyan   presented the report on the work done by the Inspectorate in 2015. It was decided  to entrust the inspectorate  to draw up  recommendations for the implementation of   more effective monitoring of the occupational safety and health of workers  and after discussing them  to submit to the inspection  team  of  the reforms  implementation.

 It was decided  to discuss  the  expediency   of the  ratification of  ILO Conventions № 155, 184, 187.

 Chairman of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia G. Makaryan spoke about  the way of using  the results of  conducted together with the ILO  analysis of a favorable business environment for enterprise development   in the implementations of the   further reforms.

 Director of the  “National Centre  for Legislative Regulation”  Foundation  of the RA government staff   A. Yeghiazaryan presented the RA draft law “On amendments and additions to the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia ", after which the parties submitted their views.

  According to the presented changes  the maximum number of overtime working hours, which is 180 hours per year, and the right to annual additional  leave for workers with irregular working hours were  proposed to be considered null and void.  A matter  of special breaks, additional annual leave, the establishment of the size of bonuses for overtime and night work, as well as for the implementation of hard and harmful, especially hard and especially harmful work  and their benefits  must be  submitted  to the consideration of the parties . The size of the above mentioned  allowances  for civil  workers  and the order of  their  payment will be determined by the RA Government, thus  unequal  conditions  will be created  for workers in the state and nonstate  sectors.

Taking into consideration  the fact that the draft law will only worsen the legal status of  workers and that  the proposed changes are in contrary to the RA Constitution, the provisions of the revised European Social Charter, the provisions of the RA labour legislation   the  representatives of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia  voted against the adoption of these changes and amendments to the  Labor Code of   the  RA.