Yerevan, 08.08.2022





 On March 4, 2022  a contest  was held in the meeting hall of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia, in accordance with the procedure for “Formation of the  Armenian side  of the civil society platform with trade union representatives”, provided  by Art. 366 of the “Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between the EU and Armenia”.

19 out of 22 members of the election commission took part in the contest.

Three candidates were submitted for the contest.

Guided by  Art. 4 of Part 7 of the above Procedure, the election commission decided by open voting to announce an additional contest for substitutes on the same conditions.

The Electoral Commission by open voting elected the Counting Commission from among its members:

Shmavon Mkrtchyan - chairman

Srapion Arakelyan - member

Lilit Karapetyan - member

The contest was held by secret ballot. One of the ballots in the ballot box was declared invalid.

According to the voting results, all three candidates received passing scores:

Anna Barikyan - represented by the trade union organization of the staff of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia - 84 points;

Tiruhi Nazaretyan - represented by the Branch Republican Union prof. organizations of workers of the agro-industrial complex of the RA - 82 points;

Arsen Igityan - represented by the Branch  Republican Union of Trade Unions of State Enterprises, Municipally Authorities and Public Service of the RA - 79 points

The election commission unanimously approved the voting results.