Yerevan, 08.08.2022


The final hybrid seminar of the Organizational and Training Center in 2021

The final hybrid seminar of the Organizational and Training Center  in 2021

Organizational and Training Center of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia on December 14-16, 2021 in Tsakhkadzor, within the framework of the program of the International Labor Organization and with its support,  held a final hybrid seminar, which was attended by the   President of the CTUA Eduard Tumasyan, the Deputy Presidents of the CTUA Boris Kharatyan and Khachik Arakelyan, the chairmen of the branch republican unions.
Sergius Glovackas, Senior Specialist for Workers' Organizations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the ILO, and Gocha Alexandria, Senior Specialist for Workers' Activities of the ILO Moscow Office, took part in the video conference.
The event was hosted by Helen Manaseryan, head of the Organizational and Training Center of the CPA.
In his welcoming speech, President of the CTUA E. Tumasyan thanked the International Labor Organization for the support provided to the CTUA  during the epidemic.
Sergius Glovatskas and Gocha Alexandria in their speeches, speaking about the challenges faced by Armenia in connection with the epidemic, the war and the consequences of the economic crisis, noted that one of the priorities of the activities of trade unions in Armenia remains cooperation with the government and the Republican Union of Employers in the interests of workers. G. Alexandria spoke about the Global Call to Action for a human-centered recovery  from the COVID-19 crisis that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient.
The call  was translated into Armenian and posted on the official website of the CTUA.
In her speech, Helen Manaseryan presented the programs and activities implemented by the training center this year with the support of the ILO, as a result of which the number of young people in the ranks of trade unions has significantly increased.
The expert Arsen Igityan presented the results of an analysis of the socio-economic impact of the crisis on workers, an assessment of the activities of trade unions during the pandemic and an analysis of the prospects for trade unions. In his speech  he touched on the consequences of the crisis in the areas of employment, labor market and economic activity, noting that trade unions representing the labor, socio-economic and legal interests of workers have also suffered from the epidemic and need to be transformed.
Boris Kharatyan, presenting his opinion on the analysis, expressed the hope that the results of the analysis will serve as a basis for discussing the CTUA  strategy to overcome the challenges caused by  the Covid-19 epidemic and other crises.